The Talents Adami Détours 2017 on 360°

Adami has been giving the young shoots of French song a helping hand since 2008, thanks to the "Talents Adami Détours" project. An initiative that every year enables a handful of promising performers to promote their art outside the borders of their own country. Discover the 2017 prize-winners in the sessions recorded on 360°!

2017, "Talents Adami Détours" has selected five performers with very different styles: Clément Bazin (electro), KillASon (rap), Octave Noire (ambiant), Rocky (pop) and The Geek x VRV (electro). Whether sensitive, festive or fuelled by protest, this diversity highlights a very lively French scene both enriched by France's musical heritage and wide open to international influences. The prize-winners were invited to record their favourite songs on 360° - a unique opportunity to plunge headfirst into their special universe.

Talents Adami Détours : Clément Bazin

Clément Bazin has created an electro style that offers both atmosphere and an invitation to dance. Today signed up under his own name by Nowadays Records, he took his first steps alongside Woodkid. Following this experience, he quickly moved to the front of the stage, notably by opening for Fakear – their shared musical roots are strikingly evident.

The steelpan plays a central role in Clément Bazin's work – indeed, all his music flows from this instrument. An originality that lets him create bridges between Chicago electro and more tropical influences, but also between electronic and acoustic.

Talents Adami Détours : Rocky

With a name like that, the Lille-based band Rocky nails its colours to the mast: they're dead serious! Carried along by the sensual voice of Inès Kokou, their punchy music definitely catches your attention. Live, the foursome delivers an extraordinary electro pop that immediately makes you want to dance. Their performances are enhanced by a particularly well-crafted look – Inès shares her life between music and the world of fashion and design.

Rocky's music is the fruit of diverse influences taking in the Madchester spirit all the way to hip-hop. An electrifying cocktail that is also, of course, present in the group's first album, «Soft Machines».  In the studio and on the stage, this promising beginning makes Rocky one of the most exciting French groups in the contemporary music scene!

Talents Adami Détours : The Geek x VRV

The Geek x VRV duo happily blends future beat and old-school hip-hop, a fusion of genres where machines play around with the brass to create captivating sounds. The result: a particularly effective music that sets its listeners dreaming.

The Geek x VRV first attracted attention through their remixes. The reputation they acquired won them the opportunity to open for the Gramatik concert at the Zénith in Paris – a great opportunity for them since Gramatik had long been a major influence! Thanks to their growing success, The Geek x VRV is now on an international tour circuit that has already taken it to America and Asia.

Talents Adami Détours : KillASon

KillASon has joined the ranks of made-in-France rap producers, but this Frenchie expresses himself in English, not French. The rapper and dancer offers us a high-voltage, adventurous rap that blends hip-hop, electro and rock influences.
With his musician, choreographer and dancer parents, a detour in one of the most high-profile hip-hop dance crews - Wanted Posse – and a stint in New York's hip-hop battles, KillASon had all the tools for a breakthrough. While KillASon was chosen as one of the prize-winners of Talents Adami Détours 2017, he's also a dancer and offers a fantastic stage experience – as you can see with this 360° performance.

Talents Adami Détours : Octave Noire

Patrick Moriceau, singer and songwriter, became Octave Noire at the age of 43, offering us a first made-in-France, dreamlike, electronic pop album: Néon.

While in his earlier musical adventures Patrick Moriceau took inspiration from his childhood in Ivory Coast, where he lived until the age of 10, his early years were influenced by the sounds of the experimental electro of Kraftwerk  and Jean-Michel Jarre's synthesizer, to which he now returns. The Paris-based artiste is moving towards electronic pop and offers a calm, luminous, elegant music that can also evoke the sounds of Air, Sébastien Tellier or M83.

His powerful music plunges us into worlds and atmospheres with a strong cinematographic feel.