Mozart 360°

Benedictus, Gloria, Agnus Dei - taken from the Coronation Mass

Insula Orchestra and Laurence Equilbey invite you to enjoy a 360° immersion in the orchestra with its 3D spatial sound. Around the "Gloria" (or "Benedictus" or "Agnus Dei) of Mozart's Coronation Mass, enjoy a staged journey made up of long-takes and 360° views from inside the orchestra. The experience is sensory – an immersion into the sound itself, a journey through the orchestra, filmed and recorded in a masterpiece of Flamboyant Gothic, the Cathédrale de Saint-Omer, inscribed in the list of Historic Monuments. A unique way of feeling the music, an "almost physical encounter" with Mozart's work. Like museum audio-guides, the user is accompanied throughout his or her journey. The text will direct the user's attention to a particular musician or compositional process, thereby offering some more-technical insights into the music itself.



Agnus Dei

Filmed at the Cathédrale de Saint-Omer, Hauts-de-France

With Sandrine Piau, Renata Pokupić, Andreas Wolf, Benjamin Bruns

Choir: accentus

Orchestra: Insula Orchestra

Conductor: Laurence Equilbey

Directed by: Colin Laurent Co-written by: Blandine Berthelot, musicologist, and Thomas Meugnot

Production: Caméra Lucida and Insula Orchestra in association with ARTE Concert and with the support of Neotopy

Available in the aRTE360 VR-App for iOS, Android and GearVR.