ARTE Trips

Enjoy art the immersive way
ARTE Trips is a serie of immersive experience that take you into masterpieces by well known painters available in the ARTE360 VR-App.

The Wedding Feast of Cana by Veronese

In 1563, Paolo Veronese was living and working in Venice. The Benedictine monks of the San Giorgio Maggiore monastery commissioned a painting for their refectory. Conceived in trompe-l’œil, this immense painting with its shimmering colours transforms the architecture of the refectory into an opulent palace. "LES NOCES DE CANA (1563) transposes the biblical narrative of the first miracle of Christ onto a sumptuous banquet, transporting the viewer into a festive and unbridled depiction of Venetian life.

Las Meninas by Velázquez

While painter to the Spanish court, Diego Velázquez produced "LAS MENINAS" ((1656), a work that captures the dizzying reflections and enigmatic echoes of the court of the Spanish King Philip IV and reveals a Europe questioning itself on the place of illusion and reality. The painter, standing behind his easel, looks out at the viewer, seemingly inviting us to walk through this mirror painting and penetrate into the heart of the work - and share with him its bewildering reflections and echoes. Between illusion and reality, Velázquez intoxicates our senses and endlessly challenges our rational mind.

Gauguin – Journey to the self

This immersive journey into the heart of Paul Gauguin's imagination takes the viewer into a fascinating ballet of colors. Among other major works, Joyeusetés (Arearea) and The woman with the flower (Vahine no te tiare), take shape like in a dream. Based on testimonies left by the artist, you travel with Gauguin's thoughts during his first trip to Tahiti.

The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymous Bosch

The experience « The Tempation of Saint Anthony » explores the creative madness of Hieronymus Bosch. Step into this masterpiece of the undeniable genius of the Middle Age. French VR-artists turned the triptych painting into an animated virtual space that makes us live a completely new experience.