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ARTE - the European cultural network - presents the app ARTE360 - a view into a possible future of TV.

ART STORIES 360 – Paintings in Chauvet Cave

ARTE takes you on an immersive trip to the origins of art. The Chauvet Cave in the South of France hosts one of the first paintings ever in the history of mankind. Explore how technology is used to research and preserve an outstanding example of art history.
Planet Infini
A dystopian tale by artist and filmmaker Momoko Seto. In the near future, Nature has turned wild and devastated Planet Earth. Human beings have become extinct. But insects, fungi and strange marine creatures have survived and are engaged in strange doings. Is this the stuff of science fiction or is...

Rhizomat VR

It is the future, and democracy has been replaced by the all-embracing corporate rule of the Institute for Method (IFM). People’s thoughts are monitored by regular standard examinations. But the standard examinations do not always go according to plan.
Presented at SXSW 2017

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